What Requirements are Needed to

Attend Naturopathic Medical School?

Our Admissions Team is often asked, “what requirements are needed to attend naturopathic medical school?”  The answer is threefold.  Sonoran evaluates prospective students based on their academics, their character and their commitment to naturopathic medicine.

Academic Requirements

Prospective students must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) at a regionally accredited or candidate university prior to matriculating at Sonoran.  A four-year bachelor’s degree is required by all accredited naturopathic medical schools.

Admission to Sonoran requires prospective students to have completed the academic prerequisite coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0 at a regionally accredited or candidate college or university prior to matriculation**.

While different schools have somewhat varying academic prerequisites, requirements are all relatively similar.  All of the AANMC-member institutions require a base of undergraduate courses that include biology as well as general and organic chemistry.

Basic computer knowledge and access to a reliable computer is also necessary.

Character of Prospective Student

Sonoran and the field of naturopathic medicine prides itself on diversity, but there are certain character attributes we like to see in all of our students.  Medical school is rigorous, so motivation, intelligence and perseverance are essential to success and we look for all of these qualities when evaluating candidates.

Our campus is a community built on mutual respect and caring for others.  Maturity, integrity and compassion are all characteristics a prospective student must display in order to be considered for admission.  These qualities not only make for a better campus environment, they are essential once a student becomes a naturopathic doctor.

Commitment to Naturopathic Medicine

Sonoran is committed to the principles of naturopathic medicine and looks for the same in our future students. Students are encouraged to gain exposure to the profession by being a patient of an ND, shadowing one in their practice, or working/volunteering in a practice. We recognize that may be harder for students who live in a part of the country where NDs are not as prevalent. In those cases we encourage students to shadow other healthcare practitioners in order to solidify their commitment to patient care.

If you’re interested in seeing if you’re on track to meeting our requirements, we invite you to send us copies of your unofficial transcripts for a free evaluation. Contact us at 480.858.9100 or send us an email at admissions@sonoran.edu if you have additional questions.

** It should not be inferred that admissions is guaranteed for any applicant who fulfills these requirements. Final determination is made by the admissions panel.