Research & Scientific Exploration

Opportunities at Sonoran

The Research Department at Sonoran University of Health Sciences works with the Ric Scalzo Institute for Botanical Research to bridge the gap between traditional and evidence-based medicine. Our research is fueled by the efforts of naturopathic students, faculty and clinical staff utilizing cutting edge technology to investigate the validity of natural, botanical based treatments. In addition, our clinic allows for the identification of special case studies that constantly elucidate our areas of investigation; and it gives us the option of expanding our basic science findings into clinical trials.

  • Students in the College of Naturopathic Medicine have an opportunity to be involved in research activities in order to understand the value of research, techniques used, and the integration of historical, cultural and traditional naturopathic philosophies.[1]
  • Publish results in peer-reviewed journals and present research at scientific conferences to educate scientists, practitioners and the public on evidence-based botanical medicine[2]
  • Research will advance the understanding and power of botanical medicine to improve therapeutics and human health.[3]
  • Submit patent applications, when applicable, to protect Intellectual Property.

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