2022 Scholarships

Celebrating Our Donors & Recipients!

2022 Scholarship Luncheon

In December we hosted our first Scholarship Luncheon celebrating the donors and recipients of our 2022 donor-based scholarships! This was our biggest year for scholarships as we were able to give out nearly $100,000 to students in both the College of Naturopathic Medicine and College of Nutrition, thanks to the generosity of our donors! Donors came from all over Arizona and even New Mexico to celebrate with our students, staff and faculty. We are grateful for the incredible support our donors show these hard-working students and are already looking forward to next year’s luncheon! Scroll through the photos to the right to get a glimpse into the day.

Thank you, donors for supporting the following student scholarships:

  • Mr. Andrew C.G. & Dr. Ruth Tan Lim (Endowed)
  • Thorne
  • Smith Family
  • Mary A. Alexander Memorial
  • Dr. Paul Mittman (Endowed)
  • Glasper Family (Endowed)
  • Dr. Christy Love (Endowed)
  • Standard Process
  • Pauline Wild Poore
  • Be Memorable Foundation
  • Designs for Health
  • NCMIC Insurance Company

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