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Emily DeSmidt

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Hi, I am a current Q3 student at Sonoran University of Health Sciences. I’m originally from Portland, Maine, but I moved here in 2016 to attend college and get my degree in BioMedical Sciences. I originally pursued the allopathic route but through my experiences, I saw so many gaps that led me wondering what else is out there, and that’s how I found Naturopathic Medicine! Since coming to Sonoran University, I am constantly surrounded by people from all different backgrounds but come together to share the same passion for naturopathic medicine, and it is unlike any other community I’ve been in. Although I am just in my first year, I am interested in women’s health, endocrinology, and physical medicine, but we’ll see where the next 4 years take me! Between classes and studying, I love powerlifting, playing pickleball with my husband, and hanging with our 3 dogs.