Sonoran’s Accessibility Office

Student Accommodations (ADA)

Sonoran’s Accessibility Office works with each student individually in order to develop an effective and comprehensive plan for appropriate services and accommodations for on campus and online students.  Appropriately accommodating students with disabilities is critical in keeping with our efforts to increase the diversity of the medical and health care professions. We are dedicated to provide information, support and resources necessary to allow students to pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals.

In addition, we are dedicated to working with administrators, faculty, staff and students throughout the entire Sonoran community to promote and provide awareness of disability initiatives. Sonoran welcomes applicants with disabilities to contact the Accessibility Office early in the application process for accommodations and assistance in preparing for enrollment at Sonoran.  We envision an Sonoran community where all individuals are welcomed, valued, and encouraged to be contributing members.

Sonoran’s Accessibility Office is housed within the Dean of Students Office.  For more information please visit the Accessibility Office. Contact information:  480-222-9237 Email: