Career Services

We're Here to Help You Accomplish Your Goals!

We’re Here to Help You Accomplish Your Goals!

Sonoran University’s Career Services Office  is an empowerment center that supports students and alumni with their professional development and career journey by providing resources and assistance with establishing and accomplishing career goals. The Career Services Office offers the following advising offerings, resources, and programs:

  • Career advising appointments to assist with CV/resume development, career planning, networking, job searching, residency application, interviewing, and more
  • Sonoran University CareerLink, a leading database of clinical nutrition and ND job opportunities
  • Extensive intranet library of career resources
  • “Get Inspired Career Series,” a career-focused speaker series offered every quarter
  • Student Vendor Representative Program which allows students to work part-time as Sonoran University ambassadors for leading nutraceutical companies
  • ND career fairs to network with local practitioners and learn about career pathways, shadowing opportunities, and potential job openings
  • Alumni connections for shadowing and professional guidance

A Career on the Rise!

Imagine how you will feel each day – doing what you are passionate about and directly impacting the health of others. Meet with the Career Services Office to learn about the steps you should take to make opportunities in your field become a reality and create a prosperous, robust career!

Sonoran University’s Career Services Office is available to prospective students, current students, and alumni. To connect with the Career Services Manager, Debbi Taylor, send an email to or click here to schedule a meeting!

Postgraduation Career Outcomes Rates

Sonoran University does not guarantee employment or job placement upon completion of the program. The Career Services Office collects data on career outcomes rates through annual student and new graduate surveys, as well as other sources (e.g., employers, websites). To read more about Sonoran University’s postgraduation career outcomes rates, please click on the Student Consumer Information link below.