Dr. Steven Sorr

Dr. Sorr specializes in both regenerative and functional medicine. He emphasizes that using these two approaches in tandem is the only way to get the synergy that produces the best results for patients. “There is no point in doing a regenerative treatment if you don’t function better.” Being a naturopathic doctor, he treats the cause of the issue first. He then stabilizes the problem and uses functional medicine to ensure the issue does not return. This approach is why Dr. Sorr sees a very high success rate with his patients.

Another unique way that Dr. Sorr helps his patients is by treating them before and after they have surgery. An example he gives is someone having surgery to repair a rotator cuff. Prior to the surgery, he would use regenerative medicine to help growth and healing factors. After the surgery, he would use a comprehensive regenerative injection approach to help the patient recover. This naturopathic approach provides the patient a level of care they would not receive from the average doctor. Dr. Sorr says, “some doctors only look at you like a piece and not a whole.” While surgeons will only fix what they see on an MRI, Dr. Sorr understands that treating the whole area will generate better results for the patient.

Dr. Sorr also treats patients using nutrition counseling, physical therapy, hormone therapy, and other modalities. He believes that hormones are sometimes an area that patients need help with before they are good candidates for other treatments. This detailed approach contributes to his high success rate.

The quality of care Dr. Sorr is providing is evidenced by the fact that his practice has quadrupled over the past 2.5 years. He is planning to expand within the next 6 months. Dr. Sorr also helps people to live healthy outside of the office. He has been teaching yoga classes since 2007, focusing on alignment, posture and joint health. He also holds a faculty position at the Sutra Studios Yoga Teacher Training Program and is an Adjunct Clinical Professor in ASU’s Internship Program.

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