Dr. Ubong Attah Prince

Dr. Ubong Attah Prince enjoys seeing patients of all ages at her private practice. While her practice encompasses all aspects of family medicine, she takes special interest in chronic illness, weight loss, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, women’s health, and pain management. Her primary goal is to find and treat the cause of disease, rather than managing symptoms. She uses a wide variety of healing modalities and tailors each individual treatment to the patient.

Dr. Prince’s advice to new graduates is, “Do not succumb to any pressure to dive into everything right at once after licensure. Oftentimes graduates want to secure large, multi-room facilities with a fully stocked medicinally and full staff. It’s ok to start small, identify strengths, and then grow as those strengths are developed.”

Dr. Prince is a big proponent of eating natural, unprocessed foods and advocates for change to the standard American diet whenever she can. She is passionate about educating patients on all aspects of health and allowing them to be a key component in their own healing process.

Prior to her medical training, she was a celebrity chef, successful business owner, and Bloomberg Business Week-recognized entrepreneur.

Dr. Prince currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband and two dogs.

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