Dr. Rebecca Ford

Class of 2008

As a naturopathic doctor, certified clinical nutritionist and registered nurse, Dr. Rebecca Ford (Sonoran, 2008) possesses a unique set of credentials that shapes the way she works with patients. She understands conventional medicine, how conventional doctors think, and also how conventional medical systems work (or don’t work, according to Dr. Ford).

Dr. Ford began her profession in the medical field as a registered nurse in 1980. During her years of nursing, she noticed conventional medicine is “unparalleled in crisis intervention” including trauma, serious infections, etc., but it is ineffective in resolving everyday health complaints such as arthritis, stomach issues, bone loss, fatigue and many other issues. Conventional medicine aims to control symptoms through prescriptions, Dr. Ford observed, but it does little or nothing to address an underlying problem.

Wanting an expanded view of health and instruction on how to maintain it, Dr. Ford went back to school to obtain her master’s degree in nutrition. She became a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN) and began educating her clients on maintaining health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management. But eventually, Dr. Ford wanted an even broader selection of therapies to offer her clients; this desire led her to Sonoran.

After graduating in 2008 and becoming a licensed naturopathic physician, Dr. Ford returned to her home state of Texas to provide a collaborative, integrative approach to healthcare for her clients. She also released a book, “How to Survive Your Hospital Stay” to help readers prevent common complications during hospitalizations that take thousands of lives each year. Dr. Ford’s book offers insider knowledge from her 30 plus years of hospital experience and provides vital information for patients of all kinds.

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