Dr. Krystal Tellier

The journey that brought Dr. Krystal Tellier, NMD, CPM, into naturopathic medicine began from birth.

Dr. Tellier was raised in a health-conscious home with an emphasis placed on living a healthy lifestyle. Her family valued spending time outdoors, eating healthy, resting when sick and the mind-body connection to health. They participated in activities such as exercising together, gardening and hiking; they were also encouraged to find alternatives to taking unnecessary medicine. These ideals were passed down to Dr. Tellier’s immediate family from her grandparents, who felt strongly about healing the body in a more natural way.

As a young child, Dr. Tellier always dreamed of becoming a physician. In college, her focus was on biology and research, and in looking toward career choices, she found herself being drawn to chiropractic and natural medicine rather than the conventional medical model. Dr. Tellier felt she needed to practice medicine that teaches prevention and looks for the source or cause of disease, rather than a model that mainly provides symptom relief. Naturopathic medicine has not only provided Dr. Tellier with expertise in medicine but also furthered her values in healthy living that started out from such a young age.

“I am honored to be able to provide this information to my patients in practice, and also to my family,” she said. “As my husband and I raise our two children, we look to teach this philosophy of living to the next generation.”

Dr. Tellier uses natural therapies in conjunction with conventional medicines to create better well-being for her patients. She is also trained in natural childbirth and pregnancy care, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicines, IV nutritional therapy, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, hydrotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and lifestyle counseling, which she utilizes to address the specific needs of her patients.

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