Dr. Jillian Finker

Dr. Jillian Finker has been in practice for over 13 years in Bellmore, New York. Despite being in an unlicensed state, Dr. Finker has experienced great success, which is evidenced by the 2 ½ month waiting list for appointments at her practice.

Dr. Finker specializes in women’s health, helping women with infertility, hormone imbalances and other issues, but also stated that women are only one portion of the variety of patients she sees. “Really I see everything from little kids with ear infections to the elderly with fatigue or memory loss. I see any condition that a patient would go see a primary care physician to treat.”

Dr. Finker also is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), which helps her to practice in an unlicensed state. While there are certain patient populations she cannot take on in New York, she knows that she is doing a great deal of good for the patients she does see. Her quality of care keeps her practice in high demand mostly via word of mouth recommendations from her patients. In terms of what makes her so successful she told us, “I absolutely love seeing my patients, love my practice and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I think it’s a combination of having that passion for what I do and also seeing patients getting better and spreading the good word.” Dr. Finker’s success in New York shows that you can have a booming practice even if you choose to live in an unlicensed state.

As far as advice to new graduates, she really stressed practicing in a location that you like, “if you pick a place thinking ‘I will be successful in this area, but I don’t really like this area’ then you are not going to want to stay there. If you move around a lot you lose patients.”

Dr. Finker also emphasizes the importance of work/life balance and self-care. “I am only 30 minutes outside of New York City so it is a very fast paced lifestyle here. I always have to treat myself like I treat my patients.” Dr. Finker enjoys horseback riding, playing the flute and travelling when she is not practicing.

Dr. Finker is very enthusiastic about being an Sonoran alumna and enjoys staying connected with her alma mater and fellow alumni.

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