Dr. Adrienne Stewart

Growing up, it was hard to watch my mother struggle with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. We went to a variety of doctors, and they didn’t have any treatment options other than pharmaceuticals with lots of side effects. They weren’t treating the cause or treating her as a whole person. These experiences were eye-opening and drew me toward becoming a naturopathic doctor.

While I was at the University of Arizona studying nutritional science, I started the Integrative Medicine Club, where we had guest speakers from different fields of integrative medicine. I learned about Sonoran during one of these club meetings. When I applied to Sonoran, I considered other schools but knew deep down that Sonoran was the right fit for me. I had a very small class and we definitely turned into a family over the four years. I learned a lot from my professors and I met wonderful colleagues that are still my best friends to this day.

After graduating, I did a residency at the Sonoran Medical Center, which helped my transition from being a student to being a doctor. I then accepted a position at a well-known practice, Integrative Health, with Sonoran alumnus Dr. Alan Christianson in North Scottsdale.

Being a naturopathic physician means getting to do what I love by helping others on a daily basis. It’s important to do whatever you are passionate about. I am drawn to helping those with fatigue, thyroid disease and hormonal shifts. I focus on women’s health; as women, mothers, daughters and caretakers, we have an innate sense to care for one another.

I love it when patients come back and tell me how much better they feel. When a patient can finally do what they enjoy in life and spend time with their families, it makes me really happy. I love empowering and teaching patients about their own health, and when they can teach it to someone else, that’s when I know I’ve really made a difference.

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