Dr. John Oertle

Class of 2011

Dr. John Oertle (Sonoran 2011) sees the world of medicine as one of endless possibilities.

As a child, he was diagnosed with type I diabetes and abruptly thrown into the field of medicine; however, Dr. Oertle described this diagnosis as a blessing because it encouraged him to learn about the human body and how it works.

“It also pushed me to fully understand the role of foods and the importance of an individual diet to promote vitality, regardless of the disease,” he added.

By the time Dr. Oertle entered college, he had become disappointed with his endocrinologist due to the lack of individualized care and failure to recognize the importance of prevention. He then met Dino Prato, NMD, and became a patient at Envita Medical Center—“it was at that time I found my calling to naturopathic medicine,” Dr. Oertle said.

Dr. Oertle eventually became Envita’s lead physician, giving him experience with training other physicians while also healing and serving patients through exceptional individualized care.

“I have been blessed with opportunities to serve many severe chronically and terminally ill patients,” Dr. Oertle explained. “When patients that have gone many other places with no answers or results respond to therapies and get well, [it gives me] no greater joy.”


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