Dr. Alan Bradford

Class of 2015

Dr. Alan Bradford, who graduated from Sonoran in 2015, is very passionate about naturopathic medicine and loves utilizing that passion to educate his patients in order to help them heal. His individualized treatments vary from person to person and he sees patients commonly for fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues, as well as insufficient male hormones, but his practice is not limited to only these conditions. Dr. Bradford worked as a scribe in an emergency room after he graduated from ASU, which is what fueled his passion to change the medical profession even more. “I saw so many unmanaged chronic conditions that didn’t need to end up in the ER. There was a lot of abdominal pain and uncontrolled diabetes. I saw a real need for high-quality primary care”.

Dr. Bradford graduated from ASU with his Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition. While in school he decided the dietetics route was not for him, but he knew he wanted pursue the medical field. As he neared the end of his program at ASU, he got closer to applying to medical schools; he talked to friends who had proceeded with traditional MD careers and they informed him the “food as medicine” was not a major focus for them, which for him was a major belief. Dr. Bradford made the decision to enroll in Sonoran after attending an Sonoran career fair. “I was shocked that a school like this existed. I could practice medicine AND keep nutrition as a core component of my healing modalities…I once had this vision of being a doctor with a few dietitians on staff to educate my patients on nutrition, health, wellness and healthful eating. Now, I could do it all”.

Dr. Bradford has successfully managed patients with diabetes who have been on prescription Metformin for years by addressing their diet. He was able to ween them off Metformin without needing supplements or other drugs to see their health improve. He has also been successful in treating a patient who could not walk without a knee brace and cane by using only acupuncture. “By the 4th session, he was walking on his own, without help and jumping up and down in excitement. It was truly amazing to see the power of natural medicine”. For patients which chronic fatigue, he has seen great results in using Jigsaw Health’s Activated B Complex w/SRT. “It’s a great source of B vitamins for the many patients I see suffering from fatigue, brain fog, mental exhaustion, and those needing nervous system support”.

As far as self-care practices are concerned, Dr. Bradford and his wife agree this is non-negotiable as self-care is extremely important, especially with children in the picture. He and his wife try to practice good sleep hygiene by keeping their bedroom dark with blackout curtains, and not having electronics or a television in their bedroom. He also understands the importance of giving his children healthy foods. “It’s a double-edged sword – you want your child to eat healthfully, but you don’t want them to be the ‘weird kid’ whose parents packed hippie food. When I’m packing my daughter’s school lunch, I have to think about what she will realistically eat, but also be sure to give her foods that will make her feel her best”.

Dr. Bradford loves to restore hope in those where hope has been lost with their medical conditions. “People want confirmation that they’re going to heal or see progress in certain health conditions. In general, a lot of news we receive from doctors is classified as ‘bad news’…our bodies have the capacity to heal and restore themselves, even if there have been years of damage”.


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