Arben Lasku MS, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Dr. Lasku has practiced for twelve years in Albania as an M.D. before he came to Arizona. He completed a specialization in nuclear medicine at the University of Genoa Medical Center, Italy. He has trained in clinical chemistry, clinical pathology, and nuclear medicine and has been a member of the faculty of the University of Tirana, Albania. Dr. Lasku currently teaches human pathology, laboratory diagnosis, immunology, and hematology at Sonoran.

Classes Teaching:

  • General Medicine, Immunology, and Capstone Courses


  • University of Tirana, Albania (Masters in Clinical Chemistry)
  • University of Tirana, Albania (M.D., Ph.D. in tumor markers)
  • University of Genoa Medical Center, Italy  (Specialization in nuclear medicine)


  • “Successful Treatment of an Athlete’s Plantar Warts using a Synergistic Botanical Blend: A case study” (Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine).
  • “Genetic Expression Analysis of Immuno-stimulatory Botanicals on Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Associated with Inflammatory Processes” (Experimental Biology).
  • “Tumor Targeting Potential of the Monoclonal Antibody BC-1 against Oncofetal Fibronectin in Nude Mice Bearing Human Tumor Implants” (CANCER).
  • “Validation in animal models and in patients of monoclonal antibody BC-1 directed against Oncofetal Fibronectin – A marker of Angiogenesis” (Journal of Nuclear Medicine).