Hannah Schroeder ND

Fulltime Instructor


Hannah Schroeder is a member of Sonoran University’s full-time clinical faculty. She completed 2 years of general medicine residency at a rigorous, multidisciplinary teaching clinic. She has completed additional training in herbalism – a 96-hour of Introductory Herbalist Apprenticeship, and a 36-hour Herbalism course in ovarian, uterine, breast, menstrual, and menopausal health. She prioritizes integrative, evidence-based medicine and utilizes a variety of therapies and modalities including nutrition, botanicals, nutraceuticals, IV injection therapy, acupuncture, and more to offer individualized care. She contributes to clinical practice classes at the Sonoran University College of Naturopathic Medicine and is passionate about furthering the growth of Naturopathic Medicine by teaching clinical reasoning and clinical skills to future Naturopathic Doctors

Classes Teaching:

  • Clinic Entry Skills Assessment
  • Introduction to Clinical Practice


  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, Minors in Chemistry and Psychology, Northern Arizona University
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, College of Naturopathic Medicine, Sonoran University

Professional Associations: 

  • AZNMA, AANP, PsychANP, endoANP, Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians (NAPCP)