Mr. Andrew C.G. & Dr. Ruth Tan Lim


Dr. Lim is a pediatrician with over 50 years of experience, an Army Reservist who served in Operation Desert Storm, a participant in 23 medical missions, a peace advocate, mentor to medical students (including Sonoran’s medical students), and a lifelong learner who has taken every Acupuncture and Homeopathy course Sonoran offers. Mr. Lim was raised in Hong Kong, completed his education in chemical engineering in the United States, and worked for nearly three decades at Motorola helping establish 21st century mobile communication. He too, has been a supporter of Sonoran for many years.

In recognition of their generosity, Sonoran’s Community Commons building is being renamed the Mr. Andrew C.G. and Dr. Ruth Tan Lim Commons. While you can read the official name on the building, we will refer to it as the Lim Commons.


Recent Recipient: Brittany Lindsay

I am Brittany Lindsay, currently a second-year student pursuing a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree at Sonoran University of Health Sciences. While my academic journey may not be adorned with accolades and awards, my dedication to the field of natural medicine is unwavering.

One of the highlights of my academic experience has been my active involvement as the Vice President of the Nutrition Club at Sonoran University of Health Sciences. In this role, I have had the privilege of working alongside fellow students who share my passion for holistic health and nutrition. My ultimate career aspiration is to establish a private practice specializing in physical medicine within the realm of naturopathic care. I firmly believe in the power of natural approaches to promote healing and overall wellness. This vision drives my dedication to honing my skills and knowledge in this field. Before embarking on my naturopathic medical journey, I spent three years in a post-baccalaureate medical scribing role. During this time, I had the privilege of shadowing doctors and gaining invaluable insights into the healthcare profession. These experiences solidified my commitment to pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine, where I can combine my passion for natural healing with my desire to provide compassionate patient care.

My journey as a naturopathic medical student is marked by my determination to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals seeking holistic healthcare solutions. I am committed to continuously learning, growing, and striving towards my goal of establishing a practice that fosters well-being through natural means.

Recent Recipient: Natalie Barriball

Natalie has wanted to be a doctor ever since she was a little girl, and her life’s journey has kept her on this path ever since. Natalie was introduced to medicine at the young age of 8, when she began suffering from a chronic genetic disorder. Because of her mother’s own 40-year health journey that ultimately led her to holistic medicine, Natalie was able to be treated with natural means and it is the reason she is healthy enough to be in medical school today. After her experience, she knew she could not be a mainstream doctor whose Band-Aid style of medicine largely left patients unhealed. Instead, she decided to become a naturopathic doctor so she could get to the root cause of disease, treat the whole person, use nature to heal, and have relationships with her patients.

In line with her natural medicine journey, in 2018, Natalie received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Grand Canyon University, and in 2020, went on to become a certified birth doula. Now, as a Q14 naturopathic medical student, she gets to live her passion every day.
In her future practice, Natalie will be a family doctor, focusing on women’s and children’s medicine and endocrinology. After graduating, she also plans to become a midwife so she can help women deliver their babies in a sacred and unadulterated manner, and then care for the mother and child holistically for the rest of their lives and that of their future generations. Her favorite modalities are botanical medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and hydrotherapy.

Previous Recipients

Lilli is a 3rd year medical student with a passion for mental wellness. Prior to medical school, she earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of Texas at Dallas where she double-majored in Neuroscience and Psychology. She has always been fascinated by human psychology and aimed to find alternative therapies for treating depression and anxiety. Along her journey, she discovered the power of nutrition, environmental factors, and spirituality and their role in mental health. While shadowing a homeopathic doctor in Texas, Lilli was inspired by the compassion and sincerity of the doctor for truly listening to each patient and treating the root cause. There, she was introduced to the world of naturopathic medicine. After learning about the six principles of naturopathic medicine, Lilli realized it aligned perfectly with her values and passion for helping others.

Since beginning medical school, she has been involved in the Student Government Association, works as a peer tutor, and serves as a student representative for Nutritional Fundamentals for Health.

Lilli’s goal is to help patients restore their vital force, reach self-actualization, and fulfill their life’s purpose. She plans to help young people explore their feelings and work through trauma in order to live their most authentic and fulfilling lives. She aspires to make mental health care more accessible to all and to build a community of empowered self-healers.

2nd year Medical Student I Sonoran University of Health Sciences
Class of Fall 2024
Tutor I BIOC, Medical Genetics
TA I Anatomy Q3, MICRO Lab


“Our planned gift will support current and future generations of Sonoran students, and it leaves a lasting legacy for Mr. Lim and me at an institution we’ve come to know and love.”

-Dr. Ruth Tan Lim

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