Dr. Michael Smith

Growing up an athlete, health was always important to me. When a nutritionist spoke to my college rowing team, the connection between health and nutrition was made. It wasn’t until I read a book by a naturopathic doctor that I realized there was a career opportunity where I could improve people’s health through nutrition.

My discovery led me to research how to become an ND. Sonoran was the right choice for me: the environment was supportive and I could be very involved in the community.

After graduating, I did a one-year residency at the Sonoran Medical Center. My family and I then relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, and I opened my practice. Within five months, I was busy enough to hire another doctor and front office help. There are great opportunities for NDs in unlicensed states, where there’s a need for naturopathic medicine but few NDs. We see anywhere from eight to 20 patients a day, and we’ll see more as soon as I can get more NDs into the practice.

Patient care is a partnership. I always tell my patients: “I’m here to empower you to better health.”

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